About Us

Jared Fort


At FORTIFYCARE, we take the confusion out of a complex subject. We simplify the process for you, making the task easy and enjoyable by walking you through each step of the process with clarity. We help you narrow down the many options and prices to find the best plan for you. Our service is free to our clients. We are a completely independent brokerage representing many different insurance companies nationwide. Once your plan is in place, we will continue to monitor your coverage and rates to make sure that you are paying the least amount available for the coverage you need. If we find that there has been a rate increase, we will shop options for you to see if we can help you save more money. We are in the business of building and maintaining long relationships of trust. We treat each of our clients as if they were our own parents.

How am I able to treat my clients like I would my own parents?

I watched my parents go through this process, and it was extremely difficult and confusing for them, so I started this company to change that. In fact, it is my mission to treat my clients like I would my own parents, and to become the most trusted Medicare Supplement provider in Central Texas.

When I started this company I decided I wanted to be an independent agent, which means that I am able to offer Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans from whichever carrier that best suits the needs and budget of my client. A lot of agents are “captive” meaning that they are employed by one insurance company and are only able to offer the products provided by that carrier.

Why did I name the company FortifyCare?

Other than the play on my last name, FORTIFY means to strengthen or invigorate. Our mission is to strengthen your Medicare coverage by first educating you about your plan options and then providing you with access to the products and services that you need to enhance your entitled benefits. We represent the highest-rated insurance companies, so the rates that you receive from us are the lowest available, and saving money is extremely invigorating! Get FORTIFIED today!

How do we get paid?

This is my favorite part! As an independent agency, our services are completely free to our clients. We are paid by whichever insurance company you choose.

Are we a local company?

Living here in central Texas, close to my clients, gives me the special ability to be available in-person to provide educational Medicare workshops for Austin communities, professional organizations, along with free one-on-one consultations for my clients.

While many captive agents are calling from out of state to sell you a policy that their company is pushing, then disappearing once the transaction is completed, I take a different approach. I choose to only work with clients here locally and I am on a mission to become the most trusted provider of medicare supplement insurance in Central Texas.